Let me introduce you to Jdownloader. This marvelous little piece of software can manage DLC files, which are “container” files containing all the links to a fanedit. So instead of downloading 50 parts one by one on mega.nz, Jdownloader does it for you. Jdownloader also allows you to download youtube videos so it’s very convenient! But we’ll get to that later.

First of all, if there’s ever any problems with Jdownloader and you need to get a particular link in the dlc container file, you can go to http://dcrypt.it/ to see the individual links.

To install the adware-free version of Jdownloader go here:


Once installed you can set the download folder in “Settings” to wherever is convenient for you.

Once it’s installed and you have extracted the dlc file you can simply clic and drag it to the “LinkGrabber” tab. All the links will load and be green if online. You might find fanedits which are offline sometimes.


When all the files are loaded simply press the triangular “Play” icon in the upper left corner and Jdownlaoder will download everything for you! For hosting sites that have a download limit, Jdownloader will simply wait and start the download again once the limit is lifted. Of course this might mean having to wait overnight to get a fanedit but it’s better than manually downloading every single file!

As for youtube (as well as many other streaming video web sites), you can download the video by copying the link of the video and then clicking “Add New Links” at the bottom of the page. The files of the video, including thumbnails and subtitles if any, will appear in the “Linkgrabber” tab. As before, simply press the triangular “Play” icon in the upper left corner to start the download.




First, you need to upload your fanedit to a hosting site. Mega is a popular one and offers 20 GB of hosting for free but the biggest single file size is 200mb. Therefore you’ll need to split up your fanedit into 200mb files but it’s easy with Winrar and it’s free: WinRAR download free and support: WinRAR (win-rar.com)

Step 1: Right-click on your fanedit folder and choose “Add to archive”:



Step 2: Name your file as follows: (your editor name)_(your fanedit title)_(format of the fanedit).rar

Step 3: Make sure to manually input 209715200 bytes which of course represents 200mb. Winrar will create X number of 200mb files until your fanedit is all compressed.



Step 4: Once finished, you can now upload the files to Mega: https://mega.nz/start

Step 5: Once all the files are uploaded, select them all and right-click and choose “Manage Links”



Select “Copy all” to copy all the links of your fanedit.



Step 6: Go to Jdownloader and click “Add New Links” in the lower left corner and you will see all your links appear. Click “Continue”.



Step 7: Still in Jdownloader, right-click on your fanedit folder and choose Other -> Create DLC and you’re done! Send the DLC by email to  along with the necessary information. Ideally your dlc will be named as follows: faneditor name_fanedit name.dlc