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Last update 2019-03-24

Wrong Turn Home: Scary as Hell Edition3Raz0rOFFLINE
Halloween 2K7 - Scary as Hell Edition3Raz0rOFFLINE
Last Game of the Strangers, The - Scary as Hell Edition3Raz0rOFFLINE
Cell, The – Scary As Hell Edition 3Raz0rOFFLINE
Last of the Mo'Ricans, TheAdabisiOFFLINE
Game Show King, TheAdabisiOFFLINE
Se7en: Extended EditionAdabisiOFFLINE
Emerald City IIAdabisiOFFLINE
Usual Suspects, The - Flip Ya for RealAdabisiOFFLINE
Under ConstructionAdabisiOFFLINE
Hancock: Tonight, He ComesAdabisiOFFLINE
Donnie and LeftyAdabisiOFFLINE
American History reXaminedAdabisiOFFLINE
Darkly Dreaming DexterAdabisiOFFLINE
Caddyshack: No RespectAdabisiOFFLINE
Beast In Me, The (Sopranos)AdabisiOFFLINE
Plan 2001 From Outer SpaceAdabisiOFFLINE
Bateman Begins - An American PsychoAdabisiOFFLINE
La CorporacionAdabisiOFFLINE
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The - TABNQEUTMEAdabisiOFFLINE
Reservoir Dogs: The Black & White EditionAdabisiOFFLINE
The Hobbit: The Orginal Two Film StructureAdam Dens
Superman RedeemedAdigitalMan
Aladdin - Restored EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode II - Path to the DarksideADigitalManOFFLINE
Pearl Harbor: Strength and Honor EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode II.5 - The Clone WarsADigitalManOFFLINE
Terminator, The: Extended EditionADigitalMan
No, It Really Is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ADigitalManOFFLINE
Spider-Man 3: The Darkness WithinADigitalManOFFLINE
Titanic: White Star EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
007 Beyond The Ice (Die Another Day fanedit)ADigitalManOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode I - A Vergence in the ForceADigitalManOFFLINE
Red Dragon: Desserts Served With Your Main CourseADigitalMan
Austin Powers in Goldmember: ADigitalMan’s Shaggadelic Extended EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
Blade Runner: An ADigitalMan Extended EditionADigitalMan
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: ADigitalMan’s Shaggadelic Extended EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: ADigitalMan’s Shaggadelic Extended EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
Superman: The Movie "Feed The Babies” Extended Edition ADigitalManOFFLINE
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The ADigitalMan Extended EditionADigitalManOFFLINE
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Extended EditionADigitalMan
Star Wars: A Musical JourneyADigitalManOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the SithADigitalManOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode IV RevisitedAdywan
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - An AEmovieguy CutAEmovieguyOFFLINE
Captain America - The Steve Rogers CutAEMovieguyOFFLINE
Terminator Salvation - The T4 CutAgent 9OFFLINE
Savage Sword of Conan - Mask of ArcheronAgent 9OFFLINE
Star Wars: RenascentAsteroidManOFFLINE
Trancendence: Avid4D RecutAvid4DOFFLINE
Justice League: OriginsAvid4DOFFLINE
Superman: Trilogy, TheAvid4DOFFLINE
Bring Back Star WarsAvP
Halloween: The Shape RebornAztek463
Spectre [REDACTED]Aztek463
Silent Hill: Restless DreamsAztek463
Silent Hill: HomecomingAztek463
Biohazard: UprisingAztek463
Elysium: The Bone Saw CutAztek464
Superman Resolvedb3nmitchell
Spider-Man 3: RedemptionBadscooter
Promethius UnboundBeezoOFFLINE
Earth OneBeezo
Blade Runner: Dance MacabreBeezo
Oblivion RedeemedBeezo
Warcraft: Prelude To ChaosBeezoOFFLINE
Hobbit: The Last Light, TheBelgarath
Hobbit: Battle For The Lonely Mountain, TheBelgarath
Dracula RestoredBilly Batson
Billy Batson's The HobbitBilly Batson
Superman IV: The Quest for CashBilly Batson
Flash Gordon: Ming Strikes BackBilly Batson
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Strikes!BionicBob
Cyborg II: The Bionic BrideBionicBob
Battlestar Galactica: The Second ComingBionicBob
Cyborg 7: Death from VenusBionicBob
STAR TREK "The V’ger Incident"BionicBob
Cyborg III: Secret of the SasquatchBionicBob
Cyborg 6: Eve of DestructionBionicBob
Cyborg IV: Beware of the SasquatchBionicBob
Cyborg V: Attack of the FembotsBionicBob
Star Trek Wrath of the AugmentsBionicBob
Saga Of The ApesBionicBob
STAR TREK "The Khitomer Conspiracy"BionicBob
Postman: The Expedited EditionBionicBob
STAR TREK "Through a Glass Darkly"BionicBob
Shadow StrikesBionicBob
John Carter of MarsBionicBob
STAR TREK "This Other Eden"BionicBob
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice ForeverBionicBob
Phantom Strikes!, TheBionicBobOFFLINE
STAR TREK "Full Circle"BionicBob
STAR TREK "Perdition’s Flames" BionicBob
STAR TREK "Resurrection"BionicBob
Cyborg: The Retro-Con CutBionicBob
Spider-man: Birth of a HeroBlankfistOFFLINE
James Bond 007: Never Say McClory Again (HD)Blofeld's Cat
True Romance - The Tarantino Cutblueyoda
P2 - A Piranha 2 faneditblueyoda
Transformers: Attack of the Scoreblueyoda
(fe) la vieblueyodaOFFLINE
Captain America : The Winter Soldier - Defrosted EditionBobson Dugnutt
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut ReduxBooshmanOFFLINE
Thundercats - HO! The Movie PreservationBooshman
Thundercats Exodus – Extended EditionBooshmanOFFLINE
Superman Returns - Fanedited by BooshmanBooshman
Thundercats Exodus PreservationBooshman
Solaris StationBrumousOFFLINE
Rome: DecimatedBrumousOFFLINE
Last of the Mohicans: Hybrid CutCaptain Khajiit
27 Days LaterCBB
War Of The Worlds - The Extinctive CutCBB
13 to 30CBB
Star Trek: Kirkless GenerationsCBBOFFLINE
Rock, The - ThermalizedCBB
Face/Off - Operation TerrorCBB
Blade 3: Behead the King EditonCBB
Lecter Variations, TheCBB
Titanic: The Jack EditCBB
Flatliners - True Nightmare EditionCBB
Star Trek: PilotsCBB
Prison Break - The MovieCBB
Two Exits From Pan’s LabyrinthCBBOFFLINE
Doom - The Possessed Re-CutCBB
Creasy - A Man on Fire FaneditCBB
High TensionCBB
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Thomas Hewitt FileCBB
Vincent & Butch - A Pulp Fiction FaneditCBBOFFLINE
Braveheart - The Elerslie EditionCBB
Ugly West, TheCBB - TMBTM
Star Wars - Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith - Corgicar CutCorgicarOFFLINE
William Must DieCurtis MullinsOFFLINE
Spider-Man 3: No Sandman EditionDangermouse
Matrix 2.0: Battle for ZionDangermouse
Superman 3: Dangermouse CutDangermouse
Empire Begins, TheDarth Awesome
Return of the Jedi, RemasteredDarthrush
Battlestar Galactica: The Legacy's End v.3David Kerin
Battlestar Galactica Brothers of ManDavid Kerin
Crow: City of Angels - Second ComingDCP
Star Wars - Episode II: Path to the Darkside - The Diamond CutDiamond Wan
Star Wars - Heir to the ForceDigModiFicaTion
Little Mermaid, The - Restored Theatrical CutDoctor M
Matrix Revolutions, The - HackedDoctor M
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Extended and EnhancedDoctor M
Master: Re-Processed, TheDominicCobb
Hobbit, The - Part IDr. Fontane
Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Theatrical PreservationDr. Sapirstein
Phantasm - The Extended CutDr. Sapirstein
LOST: The Miniseries (Part 1 - 4)DriggyDriggs
Pirates of the Caribbean: Heart of the MaelstromDSM2337
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The ClairvoyantDSM2337
Man of Steel: The Tempered CutDSM2337
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - CentipedeDSM2337
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - Dime Novel Cutdubmecrazy
Batman: Descent Into MysteryDwight Fry
Scrooge: The Literary CutDwight Fry
Ender's Game - Extended EditionEbumms
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (Extended Edition)Ebumms
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (ebumm Edit)Ebumms
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (ebumms Edit)Ebumms
Dumb and Dumber To : The Sufisticated EditionEbumms
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (ebumms Edit)Ebumms
In For A Quick Garden (Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same")eckoes
Star Wars: Episode III - Fall of the JediFather Merrin
Red Dwarf: Back To Earth - Editor's CutFather Merrin
Star Wars: Episode II - Shadow of the EmperorFather Merrin
Star Wars: Episode I - Child of the ForceFather Merrin
Watchmen: Midnight (Ultimate Edition)Flixcapacitor
Haunted World of Katie Featherston, TheFrantic Canadian
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond the Game 2.0Galactus, MoveAlong & ThrowgnCpr
21 Grams RebalancedGatos
Emerald CityGatos
Killing a Chinese BookieGatos
Liquid CourageGatos
Eyes Wide Shut - Fidelio EditionGatos
Mission: Impossible 2 - DisavowedGekko
King Kong (Vintage Edition)Gekko
Independence Day - War of the WorldsGekko
Cinderalla Man (Vintage Edition)Gekko
Pearl Harbor (Vintage Edition)Gekko
Matrix Revolutions: The Epic EditionGeminigod
Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers RebuiltGeminigod
Batman & Robin De-Assifiedgreencapt
Star Wars Episode 8: LegendaryHAL9000
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens - Restructured V2.1HAL9000
Star Wars Episode 1: Cloak of DeceptionHAL9000
Star Wars Episode 3: Labyrinth of EvilHAL9000
Godfather, The: Chronological TrilogyHAL9000OFFLINE
Star Wars Episode 2: The Approaching StormHAL9000
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens - Restructured V3HAL9000
Star Wars Episode 5: Custom Special EditionHAL9000
Star Wars: Downfall of the Old RepublicHanShotFirst
Dark Knight - The Rise and Fall of Harvey Two-FaceHarmanOFFLINE
Codename WolverineHavok1977
Flash Gordon – Savior of the Earth EditionHavok1977
Stephen King's IT - Theatrical CutJack TouretteOFFLINE
Star Wars Building EmpireJambe Davdar
Star Wars BeginsJambe Davdar
Star Wars Returning to JediJambe Davdar
Star Wars - Episode I - Attack of the FederationJasonN
Artificial Intelligence - Super Toys Last All Summer LongJasonN
Star Wars - Episode II: Twilight of the RepublicJasonN
Star Wars - Episode III - The Black Knight RisesJasonN
Star Wars - Shadows of the Old RepublicJasonNOFFLINE
Apocalypse Now - The ReReduxJDubyew
The Hanging Tree a Hunger Games: Mockingjay editJerick
Anastasia: Lost Princess of RussiaJerick
Mission: Impossible IV - The Quatro CutJerick
Matrix Revolutions Decoded, TheJerick
Lifeforce: The Web of Destiny CutJetSetWilly
Mission To Mars Re-ExploredJetSetWilly
Full Metal Jacket - Locked and LoadedJetSetWilly
Superman IV: CoherenceJimbotron235
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire: Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix: Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince : Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One : Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two : Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Extended EditionJ.J Potter
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Extended EditionJ.J Potter
LOST: The SwanJobWillins
Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEditJobWillins
Derelict: An Alien/Prometheus FaneditJobWillins
LOST: The CrashJobWillins
Deadpool 2: Extra Super Duper Cutjuice4z0
Walking Dead Wasteland, Part 1juice4z0
Marvel Origins: Avengers, Part 3juice4z0
Marvel Origins: Avengers, Part 1juice4z0
Dollhouse: Extinctionjuice4z0
Dude Where's My Car? More Shibby Editionjuice4z0
Marvel Origins: Avengers, Part 2juice4z0
Walking Dead Wasteland, Part 2juice4z0
Man of Tomorrow: A Superman Returns FaneditKal-ElOFFLINE
Final Fantasy X: Ralpherized (Disc 1)Ken Poirier
Smallville - Seeing Red (Theatrical Cut)Ken Poirier
Smallville - Seeing Red (Sharknado Cut)Ken Poirier
MASH 2 - Ticket HomeKen Poirier
Star Wars: Episode III - Dark Force RisingKerr
Lord of the Rings, The: Book IV - The Journey of the RingbearersKerr
Lord of the Rings, The: Book VI – The End of the Third AgeKerr
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Arkenstone EditionKerr
Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug -Arkenstone EditionKerr
Lord of the Rings, The: Book I - The Return of the ShadowKerr
Casino Royale – Straight Flush EditionKerrOFFLINE
Lord of the Rings, The: Book V – The War of the RingKerr
Lord of the Rings, The: Book III – The Treason of Isengard Kerr
Lord of the Rings, The: Book II – The Ring Goes South Kerr
Army of Darkness - The Fan CutKult38OFFLINE
Hobbit: There and Back Again, TheL8wrtr
Star Wars: Episode II - The Republic DividedL8wrtr
Superman: Son of Jor-ElL8wrtr
Anchor Man: The Alarm Clock CutL8wrtr
Star Wars: Episode I - Shadow of the SithL8wrtr
Star Wars: Episode III - Dawn of the EmpireL8wrtr
Large’s Ark - A Garden State FaneditL8wrtr
Halloween 5: The Shape Of RageLast Survivor
Skyfallen (007)Last Survivor
Smallville DestinyLast Survivor
Icarus (James Bond 007)Last Survivor
Rambo - A Warrior's JourneyLast Survivor
Quantum of Solace - Bond's RevengeLast SurvivorOFFLINE
Jaws III: MonsterLast Survivor
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The LS CutLast Survivor
Looper - Extended EditionLeeroy
Killer Bride, The (Japanese Cut)Leeroy
X-Men Continuity Cut Part 1: Wolverine & the X-MenLeeroyOFFLINE
Spinal Tap: Extended Up To 11 Workprint EditionLeeroy
Super 8 Collection Volume 1: Awful Sci-Fi FilmsLeeroy
Marvel Origins: The PunisherLeeroy
Grindhouse Vol. 2: Death Proof/MacheteLeeroy
Killer Bride, The (Extended Cut)Leeroy
Killer Bride, TheLeeroy
David Brent - An Office ManagerLeeroy
From Dusk Till Dawn: A Last Drink Before HellLeeroy
X-Men Continuity Cut Part 2: X-MenLeeroy
Hollwood Apocalypse: Electronic Killer / Mad ManLeeroy
Re-Animator: Re-AnimatedLeonenut
2001: A Space Odyssey - The Abridged CutLivinginoblivion
Hobbit: The Expected Cut of an Unexpected JourneyLord_Elrond_St.Hubbins
Hobbit The Desolation of Superfluous NarrativeLord_Elrond_St.Hubbins
Star Wars Episode 1: The Silent Menacelukeburrage
Star Wars - Episode II: The Clone WarMagnoliafan
Star Wars - Episode I: Balance of the ForceMagnoliafan
Little Hobbit, TheMammam
Cropsy and Prowler (A Tom Savini DF The Burning and The Prowler)ManiacOFFLINE
The Thing and Christine: ( A Carpenter Double Feature)ManiacOFFLINE
The Horror, The - An Apocalypse Now EditManiacOFFLINE
Visions and Brundle-flyManiacOFFLINE
Born to KillManiacOFFLINE
The FollowingManiacOFFLINE
Battle - A Duel FaneditManiacOFFLINE
Abducted: A Hostel cut of both filmsManiacOFFLINE
Ultra Violence: ( A clockwork Orange edit)ManiacOFFLINE
The Hills and Inferno: (The Hills have Eyes remake with The Green inferno)ManiacOFFLINE
Room 237ManiacOFFLINE
Possession: ( The recut of Book of the Dead)ManiacOFFLINE
All Work and no Play and The Prom ( Shining and Carrie edit a Stephen King DF)ManiacOFFLINE
One Shot: (A Deerhunter edit)ManiacOFFLINE
Attacked and BoundlessManiacOFFLINE
Teen Wolf – Pamelicious EditionMarkMoore
Office Space – Work EditionMarkMoore
Silk SpectreMarkMoore
Carly’s StoryMarkMoore
Transformers: Darkest HourMarkMoore
Captain N: The Game Master - Movie EditionMarkMoore
Legend of Zelda, The: Unhooked from the Brothers EditionMarkMoore
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - The Locus of Victory and Defeat – Extended EditionMarkMoore
Mary JaneMarkMoore
Soldiers of LoveMarkMoore
Back to the Future - The Chronological CutMarty McSuperFly
Amazing Spider-Man 2: Finale Extended EditionMasirimso17
Hobbit, The: Fire and WaterMasirimso17
Robots VS Kung Fu: The Matrix Grindhouse Editionmatrixgrindhouse
Avengers Assemble - Part Onemaxgremlin
Battlestar Galactica - That Sought-After SunMenbailee
Hobbit: There and Back Again - Part IMenbailee
Star Trek The Next Generation - "Season 8"Menbailee
Tales From Hell: Vol. 5Mikedrew87
Frozen DeathMikedrew87
Adventures of Joe Marshall, TheMikedrew87
Never Sleep AgainMikedrew87
Zombie Squad From HellMikedrew87
Tales From Hell: Vol. 1Mikedrew87
Walking Dead, The: Comic EditionMikedrew87
Demons: AwakenedMikedrew87
Tales From Hell: Vol. 4Mikedrew87
Transformers: Discovery Of The CubeMikedrew87
Boogeyman, TheMikedrew87
Tales From Hell: Vol. 3Mikedrew87
Tales From Hell: Vol. 2Mikedrew87
Rorschach: The End Is NighMikedrew87
Journey Into Unknown WorldsMikedrew87
Godzilla: Path of DestructiomMikeDrew87
Star Wars - Episode I: Phantom Edit ReduxModernknifeOFFLINE
Blade Runner Nexus 6Modernknife
Lone Ranger - The MovieModernknife
V for Vendetta: The FaneditMollo
Event Horizon: Slashed aka Killer HorizonMolloOFFLINE
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: Book Cut EditionMr. LovebucketOFFLINE
Heavy Star Wars TrilogyMrEdtheFed
Superman The SupercutMrEdtheFed
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Feanor Editionmukankakuna
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Feanor Editionmukankakuna
Legend of the Magnificent Seven, TheMusicEd917
Moonraker Plot, TheMusicEd918
Serenity Chronicles I: Firefly, TheMusicEd919
Serenity Chronicles II: War Stories, TheMusicEd920
Serenity Chronicles III: Revelations, TheMusicEd921
Star Wars The Galactic Edit 2 - Downfall of DemocracyMustardkraken
Star Wars The Galactic Edit 1 - Rise of the RebellionMustardkraken
Star Wars The Galactic Edit 3 - End of ErasMustardkraken
Grown Ups 2 - The Grounded CutMWRK
Pulp Fiction: The Chronological EditnAsA
Say Anything... Extended EditionNeglify
Beerfest – Get Hammered EditionNeglify
Scream 4 RecutNeglify
Boogie Nights - Extended EditionNeglify
Payback – The Hybrid CutNeglify
Neglify Shorts Volume 1Neglify
L.A. Confidential RecutNeglify
Frighteners Recut, TheNeglify
Departed Recut, TheNeglifyOFFLINE
Jack and Jill Extended EditionNeglify
FvJNeglify - juice4z0
Star Trek: The PegasusNeurosOFFLINE
Kill Bill ReimaginedNewSpock
Buffy ReimaginedNewSpock
Matrix Reimagined v1.5NewSpock
Star Wars ReimaginedNewSpockOFFLINE
Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom HourNightStalkerPoet
Dark Knight Saga Recut, Thenjvc
Raiders of the Lost Skullnjvc
Pulp Empire (Remixed)njvcOFFLINE
Where The Wild Things Are: The Wild Rumpus Editionnjvc
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back HardernOmArch
Star Wars: Episode IV - Deleted Magic RevisitedOCPmovieOFFLINE
Thief And The Cobbler, The – Recobbled CutOCPmovieOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode I - Faster, More Intense!Octoroxx
Elysium PanzerkutPanzerkut
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom EditPhantom EditorOFFLINE
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the PhantomPhantom EditorOFFLINE
David Lynch's Dune: Third Stage EditionPhineasBGOFFLINE
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – Thornless EditionPhineasBG
Hateful Eight: When you have to shoot, don't talk, ThePlisskin1138
Casino Royale - The Big PictureProblemEliminator
007: The Dead Are AliveProblemEliminator
Spiderman: The Alien Costume (Recut)ProblemEliminator
Alien 2Q2
Terminator Salvation: The Essential EditionQ2
Almost Famous ExtendedQ2
Fall of the Jedi: Episode IQ2
Unbreakable: The Extended EditionQ2
Memories AloneQ2
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Essential EditionQ2
Fall of the Jedi: Episode IIQ2
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me - Teresa Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura PalmerQ2
Blue Velvet: Q2 Extended EditionQ2
M.Night Shyamalan’s Horrifying Hours: Lady in the WaterQ2
Fall of the Jedi: Episode IIIQ2
M. Night Shyamalan’s Horrifying Hours: The HappeningQ2
Alien 3Q2
Book of Eli: Q2 EditionQ2
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsQ2
Clone Wars: Episode IQ2
Titanic: Q2 Extended EditionQ2
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi: A Q2 FaneditQ2
Back to the Future: Bootstrap EditionQuackAtomic
Incredible Hulk, The - Out of Control CutQuickCut
LOST I - GenesisRadzinsky
LOST II - NumbersRadzinsky
LOST III - ActsRadzinsky
Disney's Frozen : Flashback EditRaki
Thunderball: Warhead Editionranger613
Midnight Slaughter Trainranger613
Blade Runner - Tears In The Rainranger613
Hobbit: Into the Fire, Theranger613
Hobbit: Fire of the Dragon, Theranger613
Godzilla Risesranger613
Miami Vice trilogyranger613
Fall of Sherlock, Theranger613
Night of the Walking Deadranger613
Shining: Redrum, Theranger613
Pacific Rim: Jaegerbomb Editionranger613
Ben Hur - Prince of Jerusalemranger613
Prometheus Dealienated EditionRaven
Friday the 13th Part X Jason in SpaceReaper18783x
Mars Attacks! From Space!Reave
Twin Peaks: Nostalgiareddinox
Twin Peaks: The Empire of the MindreddinoX
Batman v Superman: No Justicereeseevans
HellblazerRemixed by JorgeOFFLINE
Blue Skies on Mars: A Total Recall FaneditRemixed by JorgeOFFLINE
Memento MoriRemixed by Jorge
Raiders of the Lost Ark - The SerialRoger Rmjet
Wolfman Super 8 CollectionRogue-TheX
Apollo 13: The Super 8 CutRogue-TheX
West Wing: The 25th AmendmentRollWave
In The Mouth of Event HorizonRollWave
Amazing Spider-Man: Organic Eggs Editionsamspider3
Batman: The Killing Joke - The Comic CutSavis Thorv
Mortal Kombat - The Blood Cutscaperat
Batman Forever - Red Book Editionscaperat
Star Wars: Episode II - Army of the Republicseciors
Star Wars: Episode I - Return of the Sith: Revisited Editionseciors
Abyss, The: Revisted Editionseciors
Red Tails ReduxSeventhWardOFFLINE
Prometheus - GiftbearerSeverian
Adventures of Superman - The Kryptonite Saga Vol. 3 (AUDIO ONLY)Siebener
Adventures of Superman - The Kryptonite Saga Vol. 1 (AUDIO ONLY)Siebener
Adventures of Superman - The Kryptonite Saga Vol. 2 (AUDIO ONLY)Siebener
Apocalypto: The Legend of Jaguar PawSinbad
Back to The Future: The Hill Valley ChroniclesSinbad
Die Hard 'til MidnightSinbad
Kill Bill: Roaring Rampage EditionSinbad
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Sithlord Remix]Sithlord
Green Lantern RebornSKYflix
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze - Detarnished!SlarkOFFLINE
Slumberland Prequels – Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3Slumberland
Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode I - Army of the RepublicSmudgerOFFLINE
Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode II - A New ThreatSmudger
Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode III - Children of the ForceSmudger
Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode IV - A Galaxy DividedSmudgerOFFLINE
Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode V - Rise Of The Dark SideSmudger
Chronicles of Narnia, The: Prince Caspian - The Book Cut SoboFilms
Chronicles of Narnia, The: Dawn Treader - The Book CutSoboFilms
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (Recut)SoboFilms
Frank Herbert's Dune - The Spence EditSpence
Star Wars: Episode VI - The Final Spence CutSpence
Hobbit, The: The Spence EditSpence
Daredevil - The Spence EditSpence
Star Wars: Episode II - Spence CutSpence
Revenant, The - The Spence Edit by SpenceSpence
Legion: An Exorcist III FaneditSpicediver
Dune: The Alternative Edition ReduxSpicediver
Godfather Epilogue, TheSpicediver
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Extended EditionSportsman
Sukaiwaka Fortressssj
Crouching Dragon - The Tiger Lily Cutssj
Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith [Special Edition]Stankpac
Lisbeth SalandersteFANedit
Halloween II - Angel MyerssteFANedit
Off the DeadsteFANedit
Headcheese (banned from IFDB!)steFANedit
Myers Family, ThesteFANedit
Friday the 13th - Return to Crystal LakesteFANedit
You Expecting Someone? (aka YES)steFANedit
This Shit Isn't FUNNYsteFANedit
Return Of W De Rijk - A 2001 FaneditSteven Soderbergh
Last Man on Earth, TheStomachworm
Man of Steel: The Speeding Bullet CutStreetsAhead
Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the CutsT528491
Star Wars - The Epic PictureT-Bone
Prison Break - Proof Of Innocence T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
Terminator Salvation T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
Terminator 3 T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
Terminator 2 Live / 5D T-HOPE Ultimate EditionT-HOPE
Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time T-HOPE Ultimate EditionT-HOPE
King Kong T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
Friday the 13th - Legend Of Crystal LakeTeresofBlood
Max Renn: the Video ManThat One Guy
Eurotrip - The Long Way RoundThat One Guy
Scott Pilgrim: Punch Out EditionThat One Guy
Berandal - The Raid EditThat One Guy
Muppet Christmas Carol: The Scribbling CutThe Scribbling Man
Source Code: Version 1.2The Scribbling Man
The Incredible Shrinking Man : B+ Movie EditionThe Scribbling Man
The Gill Man: B+ Movie EditionThe Scribbling Man
Thing, The (2011) The Toon-Thing EditThe Toon-ThingOFFLINE
Hand of the King, Thethecuddlyninja
Independence Day: No Family Editionthecuddlyninja
Man With Fire on His Face, Thethecuddlyninja
Bride in Blackthecuddlyninja
Turing TestthecuddlyninjaOFFLINE
Natural Born Killers: The Tarantino Cutthecuddlyninja
Murder Housethecuddlyninja
2001: A Space Oddysey – According to TheophaneiaTheophaneiaOFFLINE
The Return of Sherlocktheryaney
Vow Of Sherlocktheryaney
X-Men: Magnetotheryaney
Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate FactorytheryaneyOFFLINE
Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Brind CutTheTandGCompany2006
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - a fanedit by ThreepkillerThreepkiller
Terminator 2 - Hands of FateThrowgnCpr
Because You Were HomeThrowgnCpr
X-Files – ExordiumThrowgnCpr
X-Files - I Want to BelieveThrowgnCpr
THX 1138: The Hybrid CutTM2YC
Star Wars : Rogue One -Where Rebels DareTM2YC
Man Of Steel: A Symbol Of HopeTM2YC
Love And Mercy : The Brian Wilson SessionsTM2YC
Immortal Story: Extended Cut ReconstructionTM2YC
The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey - Entirely Respectable EditionTM2YC
Gamechangers: PreservationTM2YC
Blade Runner 2049: AerodynamikTM2YC
Amadeus: Theatrical Cut HD ReconstructionTM2YC
Batman v Superman: Fan CommentariesTM2YC
Comic Britannia (Preserv)TM2YC
Dr. Who: 'Fortress of the Daleks' and 'Invasion of the Daleks'TM2YC
The Warriors: Theatrical Cut ReconstructionTM2YC
Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1930 AnimalsTM2YC
Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace: RebornTM2YC
Star Wars - Episode II: Attack Of The Clones: RebornTM2YC
Star Trek: ReunionTM2YC
Darkplace - Tales From the HellmouthTM2YC
Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1929 The CocoanutsTM2YC
Captain Jack Sparrow - The Song of the Brethren CourtTM2YC
Captain Jack Sparrow - The Heart of Davy JonesTM2YC
Kill Bill - The Uncut Japanese VersionTM2YC
John Wick: Point Blank CutTM2YC
Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1949 Love HappyTM2YC
Danny Cannon's Judge DreddTM2YC
Star Trek: VengeanceTM2YC
Thor - The Dark World (Hard Forged Edition)TM2YC
Brothers Grimm - The Fairytale WorkprintTM2YC
A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Volumes 1 & 2TM2YC
Ghostbusters IIITM2YC
Heaven's Gate: The Butcher CutTM2YC
From Hell - Engraved in StoneTM2YC
Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith: RebornTM2YC
Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1946 A Night In CasablancaTM2YC
Orson Welles and ITM2YC
Hamlet 2: Mr. Marschz's OpusTM2YC
Thick Of It: Full Disclosure (Part Two)TM2YC
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Covenant EditionTM2YC
Drive - Radio 1 Rescore (Preservation)TM2YC
Thick Of It: Full Disclosure (Part One)TM2YC
Friday the 13th: The TM EditTM Productions
Chainsaw DevilTM Productions
Dream ManiacsTM Productions
10 Hours in the Life of Renee WalkerTMBTM
War Of The StarsTMBTM
Judas Breed, TheTMBTM
Underworld TemptationTMBTM
JAWS The Sharksploitation EditTMBTM
Star Wars: Silent Dusty EditionTMBTM
Man of WarTMBTM
Ugly West, TheTMBTM - CBB
Underworld Temptation: RemasteredTMBTM - Mukankakuna
Star Wars Episode I-III : The Rule of Two (Tokyotaitai Fan Edit)tokyotaitai
Superman ReturnedTomahawk
Incredible Hulk - Tomahawk Extended EditionTomahawk
Tranzor’s Dawn of the Dead 2004Tranzor
Tranzor’s The Thing – Late Night TV EditTranzor
WTTV Channel 1 New York Presents the ProwlerTranzor
Twilight Zone, The: Planet of the Apes CollectiveTranzor
Happy Valentines DayTranzor
Escape From New York ExtendedTranzor
Dead Heat: The Norwegian CompositeTranzor
Mad Max: Get To The Point EditTranzor
Sheriff John Quincy Wydell: Devil HunterTranzor
Just Before Dawn: Ultimate Extended CompositeTranzor
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - SanitizedTV's Frink
Star Wars - TV's Frink The Prequel Cut ListTV's Frink
Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Ridiculous MenaceTV's Frink
Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the RidiculousnessTV's Frink
Die Hard 4Uncanny Antman
Transformers (UA Edit)Uncanny Antman
Daredevil - The Man Without FearUncanny Antman
Terminator 3: The Coming StormUncanny Antman
Anchorman Whammy EditionUncanny Antman
Batman Consecution: The True Fanedit ChroniclesVariousOFFLINE
Zombie Consecution: The True Fanedit ChroniclesVarious
Chase ConsecutionVarious
Consecution Six - Shut Up!VariousOFFLINE
Love ConsecutionVarious
Space ConsecutionVarious
Marvel ConsecutionVarious
Cops ConsecutionVarious
Time Travel ConsecutionVarious
Fifth Element, The - Prime Evil Edition Voodl
Godzilla: ZillaWhite43
Samantha DarkoWhite43
Independence Day RedeclaredWhite43
Things, TheWraith
Dr. Jones and the Skull Kingdom MysteryWraith
Burlesque – The Sunset Strip EditWraith
Dreamgirls – The Broadway EditionWraith
Matrix Revolutions Reloaded, TheWraith
Alien 3 – The Re-Assembly CutXeno_Alpha_07
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - The Dan EditYads
Fight Club – The "I am Jack’s laryngitis” Edit Zach Action