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2/22/2013Wrong Turn Home: Scary as Hell Edition3Raz0r
2/22/2013Halloween 2K7 - Scary as Hell Edition3Raz0r
2/22/2013Last Game of the Strangers, The - Scary as Hell Edition3Raz0r
2/22/2013Cell, The – Scary As Hell Edition 3Raz0r
2/22/2013Last of the Mo'Ricans, TheAdabisi
10/15/2015Game Show King, TheAdabisi
11/19/2014Se7en: Extended EditionAdabisi
2/22/2013Emerald City IIAdabisi
2/22/2013Usual Suspects, The - Flip Ya for RealAdabisi
2/22/2013Under ConstructionAdabisi
2/22/2013Hancock: Tonight, He ComesAdabisi
6/16/2014Donnie and LeftyAdabisi
2/22/2013American History reXaminedAdabisi
2/22/2013Darkly Dreaming DexterAdabisi
2/22/2013Caddyshack: No RespectAdabisi
11/3/2014Beast In Me, The (Sopranos)Adabisi
2/22/2013Plan 2001 From Outer SpaceAdabisi
12/27/2014Bateman Begins - An American PsychoAdabisi
2/22/2013La CorporacionAdabisi
6/5/2013Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The - TABNQEUTMEAdabisi
2/22/2013Reservoir Dogs: The Black & White EditionAdabisi
8/3/2016Aladdin - Restored EditionADigitalMan
5/13/2014Star Wars: Episode II - Path to the DarksideADigitalMan
12/15/2013Pearl Harbor: Strength and Honor EditionADigitalMan
6/24/2015Star Wars: Episode II.5 - The Clone WarsADigitalMan
7/4/2016Terminator, The: Extended EditionADigitalMan
2/22/2013No, It Really Is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ADigitalMan
12/15/2013Spider-Man 3: The Darkness WithinADigitalMan
7/4/2016Titanic: White Star EditionADigitalMan
2/10/2015007 Beyond The Ice (Die Another Day fanedit)ADigitalMan
5/26/2014Star Wars: Episode I - A Vergence in the ForceADigitalMan
2/22/2013Red Dragon: Desserts Served With Your Main CourseADigitalMan
2/22/2013Austin Powers in Goldmember: ADigitalMan’s Shaggadelic Extended EditionADigitalMan
6/24/2015Blade Runner: An ADigitalMan Extended EditionADigitalMan
2/22/2013Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: ADigitalMan’s Shaggadelic Extended EditionADigitalMan
2/22/2013Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: ADigitalMan’s Shaggadelic Extended EditionADigitalMan
2/11/2014Superman: The Movie "Feed The Babies” Extended Edition ADigitalMan
2/22/2013Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The ADigitalMan Extended EditionADigitalMan
7/30/2013Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Extended EditionADigitalMan
7/4/2016Star Wars: A Musical JourneyADigitalMan
5/26/2014Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the SithADigitalMan
7/2/2017Star Wars: Episode IV RevisitedAdywan
2/16/2016Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - An AEmovieguy CutAEmovieguy
9/1/2014Captain America - The Steve Rogers CutAEMovieguy
2/16/2016Terminator Salvation - The T4 CutAgent 9
6/7/2013Savage Sword of Conan - Mask of ArcheronAgent 9
7/4/2016Star Wars: RenascentAsteroidMan
12/23/2016Trancendence: Avid4D RecutAvid4D
12/23/2016Justice League: OriginsAvid4D
12/23/2016Superman: Trilogy, TheAvid4D
2/22/2013Bring Back Star WarsAvP
2/22/2013OTEO Blade RunnerAvP
12/23/2016Halloween: The Shape RebornAztek463
12/23/2016Spectre [REDACTED]Aztek463
12/23/2016Silent Hill: Restless DreamsAztek463
12/23/2016Silent Hill: HomecomingAztek463
12/15/2013Biohazard: UprisingAztek463
12/23/2016Elysium: The Bone Saw CutAztek464
2/22/2013Superman Resolvedb3nmitchell
2/22/2013Spider-Man 3: RedemptionBadscooter
7/4/2016Promethius UnboundBeezo
2/23/2015Earth OneBeezo
7/27/2015Blade Runner: Dance MacabreBeezoOFFLINE
3/1/2014Oblivion RedeemedBeezo
3/7/2017Hobbit: The Last Light, TheBelgarath
3/7/2017Hobbit: Battle For The Lonely Mountain, TheBelgarath
3/9/2015Dracula RestoredBilly Batson
7/4/2016Billy Batson's The HobbitBilly Batson
6/14/2015Superman IV: The Quest for CashBilly Batson
10/26/2014League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Strikes!BionicBob
2/22/2013Cyborg II: The Bionic BrideBionicBob
2/22/2013Battlestar Galactica: The Second ComingBionicBob
9/14/2014Cyborg 7: Death from VenusBionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "The V’ger Incident"BionicBob
2/22/2013Cyborg III: Secret of the SasquatchBionicBob
4/21/2014Cyborg 6: Eve of DestructionBionicBob
6/30/2013Cyborg IV: Beware of the SasquatchBionicBob
2/22/2013Cyborg V: Attack of the FembotsBionicBob
2/1/2014Star Trek Wrath of the AugmentsBionicBob
2/22/2013Saga Of The ApesBionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "The Khitomer Conspiracy"BionicBob
2/22/2013Postman: The Expedited EditionBionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "Through a Glass Darkly"BionicBob
5/5/2013Shadow StrikesBionicBob
6/14/2014John Carter of MarsBionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "This Other Eden"BionicBob
3/12/2014Kick-Ass 2 - Justice ForeverBionicBob
11/10/2013Phantom Strikes!, TheBionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "Full Circle"BionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "Perdition’s Flames" BionicBob
2/22/2013STAR TREK "Resurrection"BionicBob
2/22/2013Cyborg: The Retro-Con CutBionicBob
7/4/2016Spider-man: Birth of a HeroBlankfist
1/10/2015James Bond 007: Never Say McClory AgainBlofeld's Cat
11/10/2015True Romance - The Tarantino Cutblueyoda
1/13/2015P2 - A Piranha 2 faneditblueyoda
1/19/2015Transformers: Attack of the Scoreblueyoda
2/22/2013(fe) la vieblueyoda
2/11/2014Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut ReduxBooshmanOFFLINE
7/30/2013Thundercats - HO! The Movie PreservationBooshman
11/4/2013Thundercats Exodus – Extended EditionBooshman
7/30/2013Superman Returns - Fanedited by BooshmanBooshman
7/30/2013Thundercats Exodus PreservationBooshman
2/22/2013Solaris StationBrumous
2/22/2013Rome: DecimatedBrumous
2/22/2013Last of the Mohicans: Hybrid CutCaptain Khajiit
7/4/201627 Days LaterCBB
7/4/2016War Of The Worlds - The Extinctive CutCBB
7/4/201613 to 30CBB
7/4/2016Star Trek: Kirkless GenerationsCBB
7/4/2016Rock, The - ThermalizedCBB
7/4/2016Face/Off - Operation TerrorCBB
7/4/2016Blade 3: Behead the King EditonCBB
7/4/2016Lecter Variations, TheCBB
7/4/2016Titanic: The Jack EditCBB
7/4/2016Flatliners - True Nightmare EditionCBB
7/4/2016Star Trek: PilotsCBB
7/4/2016Prison Break - The MovieCBB
7/4/2016Two Exits From Pan’s LabyrinthCBB
7/4/2016Doom - The Possessed Re-CutCBB
7/4/2016Creasy - A Man on Fire FaneditCBB
7/4/2016High TensionCBB
7/4/2016Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Thomas Hewitt FileCBB
7/4/2016Vincent & Butch - A Pulp Fiction FaneditCBB
7/4/2016Braveheart - The Elerslie EditionCBB
11/7/2013Ugly West, TheCBB - TMBTM
9/18/2013Star Wars - Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith - Corgicar CutCorgicar
3/16/2016Balboa - Reverent EditionCroweyes1121
5/9/2013William Must DieCurtis Mullins
2/22/2013Spider-Man 3: No Sandman EditionDangermouse
2/22/2013Matrix 2.0: Battle for ZionDangermouse
2/22/2013Superman 3: Dangermouse CutDangermouse
7/10/2015Empire Begins, TheDarth Awesome
3/7/2017Return of the Jedi, RemasteredDarthrush
2/22/2013Battlestar Galactica: The Legacy's End v.3David Kerin
10/16/2013Battlestar Galactica Brothers of ManDavid Kerin
10/26/2013Crow: City of Angels - Second ComingDCP
7/4/2016Star Wars - Episode II: Path to the Darkside - The Diamond CutDiamond Wan
7/13/2017Star Wars - Heir to the ForceDigModiFicaTion
7/4/2016Little Mermaid, The - Restored Theatrical CutDoctor M
2/16/2016Matrix Revolutions, The - HackedDoctor M
7/4/2016Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Extended and EnhancedDoctor M
6/28/2014Master: Re-Processed, TheDominicCobb
2/16/2016Hobbit, The - Part IDr. Fontane
7/27/2015Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Theatrical PreservationDr. Sapirstein
7/27/2015Phantasm - The Extended CutDr. Sapirstein
2/22/2013LOST: The Miniseries (Part 1 - 4)DriggyDriggs
10/4/2016Pirates of the Caribbean: Heart of the MaelstromDSM2337
10/4/2016Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The ClairvoyantDSM2337
7/12/2016Man of Steel: The Tempered CutDSM2337
7/4/2016Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - CentipedeDSM2337
10/22/2013Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - Dime Novel Cutdubmecrazy
12/9/2013Batman: Descent Into MysteryDwight Fry
11/2/2013Scrooge: The Literary CutDwight Fry
7/4/2016Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (ebumm Edit)Ebumms
7/4/2016Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (ebumms Edit)Ebumms
10/4/2016Dumb To SatisfactionEbumms
7/20/2016Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (ebumms Edit)Ebumms
2/10/2014In For A Quick Garden (Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same")eckoes
5/20/2014Star Wars: Episode III - Fall of the JediFather Merrin
5/5/2013Red Dwarf: Back To Earth - Editor's CutFather Merrin
5/20/2014Star Wars: Episode II - Shadow of the EmperorFather Merrin
5/13/2014Star Wars: Episode I - Child of the ForceFather Merrin
8/27/2014Watchmen: Midnight (Ultimate Edition)Flixcapacitor
2/22/2013Haunted World of Katie Featherston, TheFrantic Canadian
9/8/2013Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond the Game 2.0Galactus, MoveAlong & ThrowgnCpr
10/26/201321 Grams RebalancedGatos
7/4/2016Emerald CityGatos
2/22/2013Killing a Chinese BookieGatos
5/5/2013Liquid CourageGatos
6/17/2013Eyes Wide Shut - Fidelio EditionGatos
7/4/2016Mission: Impossible 2 - DisavowedGekko
10/5/2016King Kong (Vintage Edition)Gekko
1/26/2016Independence Day - War of the WorldsGekko
10/5/2016Cinderalla Man (Vintage Edition)Gekko
10/5/2016Pearl Harbor (Vintage Edition)Gekko
7/2/2017Matrix Revolutions: The Epic EditionGeminigod
2/22/2013Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers RebuiltGeminigod
8/4/2017Batman & Robin De-Assifiedgreencapt
8/3/2016Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens - RestructuredHAL9000
3/7/2017Star Wars Episode 1: Cloak of DeceptionHAL9000
3/7/2017Star Wars Episode 3: Labyrinth of EvilHAL9000
5/9/2015Godfather, The: Chronological TrilogyHAL9000
3/7/2017Star Wars Episode 2: The Approaching StormHAL9000
4/27/2014Star Wars: Downfall of the Old RepublicHanShotFirst
6/14/2014Dark Knight - The Rise and Fall of Harvey Two-FaceHarman
7/4/2016Codename WolverineHavok1977
2/22/2013Flash Gordon – Savior of the Earth EditionHavok1977
11/7/2013Stephen King's IT - Theatrical CutJack TouretteOFFLINE
7/4/2016Star Wars Building EmpireJambe Davdar
7/4/2016Star Wars BeginsJambe Davdar
7/4/2016Star Wars Returning to JediJambe Davdar
7/4/2016Star Wars - Episode I - Attack of the FederationJasonN
2/11/2014Artificial Intelligence - Super Toys Last All Summer LongJasonN
2/16/2016Star Wars - Episode II: Twilight of the RepublicJasonN
2/16/2016Star Wars - Episode III - The Black Knight RisesJasonN
2/16/2016Star Wars - Shadows of the Old RepublicJasonN
4/15/2015Apocalypse Now - The ReReduxJDubyew
10/4/2016The Hanging Tree a Hunger Games: Mockingjay editJerick
10/4/2016Anastasia: Lost Princess of RussiaJerick
10/4/2016Mission: Impossible IV - The Quatro CutJerick
10/4/2016Matrix Revolutions Decoded, TheJerick
11/1/2014Lifeforce: The Web of Destiny CutJetSetWilly
2/22/2013Mission To Mars Re-ExploredJetSetWilly
6/4/2014Full Metal Jacket - Locked and LoadedJetSetWilly
1/16/2015LOST: The SwanJobWillins
12/23/2016Man of Tomorrow: A Man of Steel and Batman V Superman FanEditJobWillins
8/3/2016Derelict: An Alien/Prometheus FaneditJobWillins
10/9/2014LOST: The CrashJobWillins
1/24/2015Walking Dead Wasteland, Part 1juice4z0
1/24/2015Marvel Origins: Avengers, Part 3juice4z0
1/19/2015Marvel Origins: Avengers, Part 1juice4z0
1/16/2015Dollhouse: Extinctionjuice4z0
7/4/2016Dude Where's My Car? More Shibby Editionjuice4z0
1/19/2015Marvel Origins: Avengers, Part 2juice4z0
1/24/2015Walking Dead Wasteland, Part 2juice4z0
5/19/2015Man of Tomorrow: A Superman Returns FaneditKal-El
12/23/2014Final Fantasy X: Ralpherized (Disc 1)Ken Poirier
7/19/2014Smallville - Seeing Red (Theatrical Cut)Ken Poirier
7/27/2015Smallville - Seeing Red (Sharknado Cut)Ken Poirier
5/23/2015MASH 2 - Ticket HomeKen Poirier
2/22/2013Star Wars: Episode III - Dark Force RisingKerr
2/22/2013Lord of the Rings, The: Book IV - The Journey of the RingbearersKerr
2/22/2013Lord of the Rings, The: Book VI – The End of the Third AgeKerr
12/4/2013Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Arkenstone EditionKerr
7/2/2017Lord of the Rings, The: Book I - The Return of the ShadowKerr
11/27/2013Casino Royale – Straight Flush EditionKerr
2/22/2013Lord of the Rings, The: Book V – The War of the RingKerr
2/22/2013Lord of the Rings, The: Book III – The Treason of Isengard Kerr
2/22/2013Lord of the Rings, The: Book II – The Ring Goes South Kerr
2/10/2014Army of Darkness - The Fan CutKult38
3/12/2017Hobbit: There and Back Again, TheL8wrtrOFFLINE
12/23/2016Star Wars: Episode II - The Republic DividedL8wrtr
7/4/2016Superman: Son of Jor-ElL8wrtrOFFLINE
8/17/2016Anchor Man: The Alarm Clock CutL8wrtr
12/27/2016Star Wars: Episode I - Shadow of the SithL8wrtr
12/23/2016Star Wars: Episode III - Dawn of the EmpireL8wrtr
8/16/2016Large’s Ark - A Garden State FaneditL8wrtr
11/25/2014Skyfallen (007)Last Survivor
5/17/2015Smallville DestinyLast Survivor
3/26/2015Icarus (James Bond 007)Last Survivor
10/5/2013Rambo - A Warrior's JourneyLast Survivor
10/19/2014Quantum of Solace - Bond's RevengeLast Survivor
11/6/2014Jaws III: MonsterLast Survivor
9/3/2015On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The LS CutLast Survivor
4/9/2014Looper - Extended EditionLeeroy
3/5/2014Killer Bride, The (Japanese Cut)Leeroy
3/1/2014X-Men Continuity Cut Part 1: Wolverine & the X-MenLeeroy
4/25/2014Spinal Tap: Extended Up To 11 Workprint EditionLeeroy
2/22/2014Super 8 Collection Volume 1: Awful Sci-Fi FilmsLeeroy
3/1/2014Marvel Origins: The PunisherLeeroy
2/11/2014Grindhouse Vol. 2: Death Proof/MacheteLeeroy
3/1/2014Killer Bride, The (Extended Cut)Leeroy
3/26/2014Killer Bride, TheLeeroy
2/11/2014David Brent - An Office ManagerLeeroy
2/11/2014From Dusk Till Dawn: A Last Drink Before HellLeeroy
3/1/2014X-Men Continuity Cut Part 2: X-MenLeeroy
2/22/2013Re-Animator: Re-AnimatedLeonenut
5/5/20132001: A Space Odyssey - The Abridged CutLivinginoblivion
6/2/2014Hobbit: The Expected Cut of an Unexpected JourneyLord_Elrond_St.Hubbins
12/23/2014Hobbit The Desolation of Superfluous NarrativeLord_Elrond_St.Hubbins
5/6/2015Star Wars Episode 1: The Silent Menacelukeburrage
7/4/2016Star Wars - Episode II: The Clone WarMagnoliafan
7/4/2016Star Wars - Episode I: Balance of the ForceMagnoliafan
3/7/2017Little Hobbit, TheMammam
12/23/2016Cropsy and Prowler (A Tom Savini DF The Burning and The Prowler)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016The Thing and Christine: ( A Carpenter Double Feature)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016The Horror, The - An Apocalypse Now EditManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Visions and Brundle-flyManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Born to KillManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016The FollowingManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Battle - A Duel FaneditManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Abducted: A Hostel cut of both filmsManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Ultra Violence: ( A clockwork Orange edit)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016The Hills and Inferno: (The Hills have Eyes remake with The Green inferno)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Room 237ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Possession: ( The recut of Book of the Dead)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016All Work and no Play and The Prom ( Shining and Carrie edit a Stephen King DF)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016One Shot: (A Deerhunter edit)ManiacOFFLINE
12/23/2016Attacked and BoundlessManiacOFFLINE
2/22/2013Teen Wolf – Pamelicious EditionMarkMoore
2/22/2013Office Space – Work EditionMarkMoore
10/25/2014Silk SpectreMarkMoore
2/22/2013Carly’s StoryMarkMoore
6/23/2014Transformers: Darkest HourMarkMoore
2/1/2014Captain N: The Game Master - Movie EditionMarkMoore
7/4/2016Legend of Zelda, The: Unhooked from the Brothers EditionMarkMoore
2/22/2013Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - The Locus of Victory and Defeat – Extended EditionMarkMoore
2/22/2013Mary JaneMarkMoore
2/22/2013Soldiers of LoveMarkMoore
8/10/2015Back to the Future - The Chronological CutMarty McSuperFly
7/4/2016Amazing Spider-Man 2: Finale Extended EditionMasirimso17
9/28/2015Hobbit, The: Fire and WaterMasirimso17
7/2/2017Robots VS Kung Fu: The Matrix Grindhouse Editionmatrixgrindhouse
6/24/2015Avengers Assemble - Part Onemaxgremlin
7/30/2013Battlestar Galactica - That Sought-After SunMenbailee
8/8/2013Hobbit: There and Back Again - Part IMenbailee
9/21/2014Star Trek The Next Generation - "Season 8"Menbailee
2/9/2015Frozen DeathMikedrew87
12/28/2014Adventures of Joe Marshall, TheMikedrew87
9/1/2014Never Sleep AgainMikedrew87
12/23/2014Zombie Squad From HellMikedrew87
12/28/2014Tales From Hell: Vol. 1Mikedrew87
4/1/2015Walking Dead, The: Comic EditionMikedrew87
7/4/2016Demons: AwakenedMikedrew87
4/15/2015Tales From Hell: Vol. 4Mikedrew87
1/2/2015Transformers: Discovery Of The CubeMikedrew87
9/1/2014Boogeyman, TheMikedrew87
4/15/2015Tales From Hell: Vol. 3Mikedrew87
1/28/2015Tales From Hell: Vol. 2Mikedrew87
1/2/2015Rorschach: The End Is NighMikedrew87
12/23/2014Journey Into Unknown WorldsMikedrew87
7/4/2016Star Wars - Episode I: Phantom Edit ReduxModernknife
7/4/2017Blade Runner Nexus 6Modernknife
12/15/2013Lone Ranger - The MovieModernknife
8/3/2016V for Vendetta: The FaneditMollo
7/4/2016Event Horizon: Slashed aka Killer HorizonMollo
2/2/2015Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: Book Cut EditionMr. Lovebucket
8/10/2015Heavy Star Wars TrilogyMrEdtheFed
8/10/2015Superman The SupercutMrEdtheFed
10/7/2014Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Feanor Editionmukankakuna
10/7/2014Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Feanor Editionmukankakuna
3/7/2017Legend of the Magnificent Seven, TheMusicEd917
3/7/2017Moonraker Plot, TheMusicEd918
3/7/2017Serenity Chronicles I: Firefly, TheMusicEd919
3/7/2017Serenity Chronicles II: War Stories, TheMusicEd920
3/7/2017Serenity Chronicles III: Revelations, TheMusicEd921
8/3/2016Star Wars The Galactic Edit 2 - Downfall of DemocracyMustardkraken
8/3/2016Star Wars The Galactic Edit 1 - Rise of the RebellionMustardkraken
8/3/2016Star Wars The Galactic Edit 3 - End of ErasMustardkraken
2/22/2014Grown Ups 2 - The Grounded CutMWRK
10/4/2016Pulp Fiction: The Chronological EditnAsA
11/2/2013Say Anything... Extended EditionNeglify
10/27/2013Beerfest – Get Hammered EditionNeglify
6/23/2014Scream 4 RecutNeglify
7/10/2015Boogie Nights - Extended EditionNeglify
2/7/2015Payback – The Hybrid CutNeglify
2/12/2015Neglify Shorts Volume 1Neglify
2/6/2015L.A. Confidential RecutNeglify
10/4/2013Frighteners Recut, TheNeglify
2/10/2015Departed Recut, TheNeglify
2/22/2013Jack and Jill Extended EditionNeglify
6/16/2013FvJNeglify - juice4z0
8/10/2015Star Trek: The PegasusNeuros
9/3/2015Kill Bill ReimaginedNewSpock
3/9/2014Buffy ReimaginedNewSpock
5/20/2014Matrix Reimagined v1.5NewSpock
3/16/2016Star Wars ReimaginedNewSpockOFFLINE
11/27/2013Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom HourNightStalkerPoet
8/17/2014Dark Knight Saga Recut, Thenjvc
5/5/2013Raiders of the Lost Skullnjvc
7/21/2014Pulp Empire (Remixed)njvcOFFLINE
7/23/2014Where The Wild Things Are: The Wild Rumpus Editionnjvc
7/4/2016Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back HardernOmArch
3/1/2014Star Wars: Episode IV - Deleted Magic RevisitedOCPmovie
7/4/2016Thief And The Cobbler, The – Recobbled CutOCPmovieOFFLINE
8/15/2016Elysium PanzerkutPanzerkut
5/20/2014Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom EditPhantom Editor
2/6/2014Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the PhantomPhantom Editor
8/17/2014David Lynch's Dune: Third Stage EditionPhineasBG
7/2/2017Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – Thornless EditionPhineasBG
12/23/2016Hateful Eight: When you have to shoot, don't talk, ThePlisskin1138
12/23/2016Casino Royale - The Big PictureProblemEliminator
12/23/2016007: The Dead Are AliveProblemEliminator
12/23/2016Spiderman: The Alien Costume (Recut)ProblemEliminator
7/4/2016Alien 2Q2
2/22/2013Terminator Salvation: The Essential EditionQ2
2/14/2014Almost Famous ExtendedQ2
2/22/2013Fall of the Jedi: Episode IQ2
6/13/2013Unbreakable: The Extended EditionQ2
2/22/2013Memories AloneQ2
2/22/2013Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Essential EditionQ2
2/22/2013Fall of the Jedi: Episode IIQ2
3/16/2016Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me - Teresa Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura PalmerQ2
2/22/2013Blue Velvet: Q2 Extended EditionQ2
2/22/2013M.Night Shyamalan’s Horrifying Hours: Lady in the WaterQ2
2/22/2013Fall of the Jedi: Episode IIIQ2
2/22/2013M. Night Shyamalan’s Horrifying Hours: The HappeningQ2
7/4/2016Alien 3Q2
11/5/2013Book of Eli: Q2 EditionQ2
2/16/2016Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsQ2
4/9/2014Clone Wars: Episode IQ2
3/16/2016Titanic: Q2 Extended EditionQ2
7/4/2016Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi: A Q2 FaneditQ2
7/2/2017Back to the Future: Bootstrap EditionQuackAtomic
11/2/2013Incredible Hulk, The - Out of Control CutQuickCut
7/30/2013LOST I - GenesisRadzinsky
8/1/2013LOST II - NumbersRadzinsky
8/24/2013LOST III - ActsRadzinsky
7/16/2014Thunderball: Warhead Editionranger613
12/23/2014Midnight Slaughter Trainranger613
7/2/2014Blade Runner - Tears In The Rainranger613
9/9/2014Hobbit: Into the Fire, Theranger613
6/23/2014Hobbit: Fire of the Dragon, Theranger613
10/13/2014Godzilla Risesranger613
10/7/2014Miami Vice trilogyranger613
7/7/2014Fall of Sherlock, Theranger613
7/2/2014Night of the Walking Deadranger613
7/29/2014Shining: Redrum, Theranger613
10/19/2014Pacific Rim: Jaegerbomb Editionranger613
7/29/2014Ben Hur - Prince of Jerusalemranger613
3/26/2015Prometheus Dealienated EditionRaven
3/7/2014Friday the 13th Part X Jason in SpaceReaper18783x
2/22/2013Mars Attacks! From Space!Reave
7/13/2017The Empire of the MindreddinoX
7/2/2017Batman v Superman: No Justicereeseevans
12/15/2013HellblazerRemixed by Jorge
2/22/2013Blue Skies on Mars: A Total Recall FaneditRemixed by Jorge
12/9/2013Memento MoriRemixed by Jorge
2/22/2013Raiders of the Lost Ark - The SerialRoger Rmjet
2/22/2013Wolfman Super 8 CollectionRogue-TheX
2/22/2013Apollo 13: The Super 8 CutRogue-TheX
12/15/2013West Wing: The 25th AmendmentRollWave
12/23/2014In The Mouth of Event HorizonRollWave
5/5/2014Amazing Spider-Man: Organic Eggs Editionsamspider3
8/3/2016Batman: The Killing Joke - The Comic CutSavis Thorv
7/27/2015Mortal Kombat - The Blood Cutscaperat
2/11/2014Batman Forever - Red Book EditionscaperatOFFLINE
5/5/2013Star Wars: Episode II - Army of the Republicseciors
8/26/2013Star Wars: Episode I - Return of the Sith: Revisited Editionseciors
5/5/2013Abyss, The: Revisted Editionseciors
5/26/2014Red Tails ReduxSeventhWard
11/2/2013Prometheus - GiftbearerSeverian
10/26/2013Adventures of Superman - The Kryptonite Saga Vol. 3 (AUDIO ONLY)Siebener
8/17/2013Adventures of Superman - The Kryptonite Saga Vol. 1 (AUDIO ONLY)Siebener
9/16/2013Adventures of Superman - The Kryptonite Saga Vol. 2 (AUDIO ONLY)Siebener
3/15/2014Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Sithlord Remix]Sithlord
7/8/2014Green Lantern RebornSKYflix
8/4/2014Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze - Detarnished!Slark
2/16/2015Slumberland Prequels – Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3Slumberland
12/23/2016Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode I - Army of the RepublicSmudger
12/23/2016Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode II - A New ThreatSmudger
12/23/2016Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode III - Children of the ForceSmudger
3/7/2017Star Wars Clone Wars: Episode IV - A Galaxy DividedSmudger
10/5/2016Chronicles of Narnia, The: Prince Caspian - The Book Cut SoboFilms
10/5/2016Chronicles of Narnia, The: Dawn Treader - The Book CutSoboFilms
8/27/2014Frank Herbert's Dune - The Spence EditSpence
3/12/2017Star Wars: Episode VI - The Final Spence CutSpence
4/15/2015Hobbit, The: The Spence EditSpence
10/7/2013Daredevil - The Spence EditSpence
5/6/2015Star Wars: Episode II - Spence CutSpence
3/7/2017Revenant, The - The Spence Edit by SpenceSpence
11/30/2013Legion: An Exorcist III FaneditSpicediver
3/7/2017Dune: The Alternative Edition ReduxSpicediver
11/30/2013Godfather Epilogue, TheSpicediver
9/29/2014Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Extended EditionSportsman
3/12/2017Sukaiwaka Fortressssj
12/9/2013Crouching Dragon - The Tiger Lily Cutssj
9/27/2013Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith [Special Edition]Stankpac
1/10/2015Lisbeth SalandersteFANedit
1/10/2015Halloween II - Angel MyerssteFANedit
1/10/2015Off the DeadsteFANedit
1/10/2015Headcheese (banned from IFDB!)steFANedit
1/10/2015Myers Family, ThesteFANedit
1/10/2015Friday the 13th - Return to Crystal LakesteFANedit
1/10/2015You Expecting Someone? (aka YES)steFANedit
2/19/2015This Shit Isn't FUNNYsteFANedit
1/29/2015Return Of W De Rijk - A 2001 FaneditSteven Soderbergh
2/22/2013Last Man on Earth, TheStomachworm
5/17/2015Man of Steel: The Speeding Bullet CutStreetsAhead
7/4/2016Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the CutsT528491
6/4/2014Star Wars - The Epic PictureT-Bone
8/1/2013Prison Break - Proof Of Innocence T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
8/1/2013Terminator Salvation T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
8/1/2013Terminator 3 T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
8/1/2013Terminator 2 Live / 5D T-HOPE Ultimate EditionT-HOPE
8/1/2013Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time T-HOPE Ultimate EditionT-HOPE
8/1/2013King Kong T-HOPE EditionT-HOPE
6/28/2014Friday the 13th - Legend Of Crystal LakeTeresofBlood
6/16/2013Eurotrip - The Long Way RoundThat One Guy
3/9/2015Scott Pilgrim: Punch Out EditionThat One Guy
4/15/2015Berandal - The Raid EditThat One Guy
2/22/2013Thing, The (2011) The Toon-Thing EditThe Toon-Thing
9/28/2015Hand of the King, Thethecuddlyninja
7/24/2015Independence Day: No Family Editionthecuddlyninja
7/27/2015Man With Fire on His Face, Thethecuddlyninja
1/26/2016Bride in Blackthecuddlyninja
1/26/2016Turing Testthecuddlyninja
6/14/2015Natural Born Killers: The Tarantino Cutthecuddlyninja
7/4/2016Murder Housethecuddlyninja
7/4/20162001: A Space Oddysey – According to TheophaneiaTheophaneia
8/4/2017The Return of Sherlocktheryaney
10/5/2016Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Brind CutTheTandGCompany2006
7/30/2013Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - a fanedit by ThreepkillerThreepkiller
11/19/2013Terminator 2 - Hands of FateThrowgnCpr
2/22/2013Because You Were HomeThrowgnCpr
2/22/2013X-Files – ExordiumThrowgnCpr
7/2/2017X-Files - I Want to BelieveThrowgnCpr
10/22/2013Comic Britannia (Preserv)TM2YC
1/29/2014Dr. Who: 'Fortress of the Daleks' and 'Invasion of the Daleks'TM2YC
7/30/2013Warriors, The - HD Theatrical RestorationTM2YC
10/6/2013Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1930 AnimalsTM2YC
7/30/2013Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace: RebornTM2YC
7/30/2013Star Wars - Episode II: Attack Of The Clones: RebornTM2YC
12/23/2014Star Trek: ReunionTM2YC
2/23/2015Darkplace - Tales From the HellmouthTM2YC
8/19/2013Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1929 The CocoanutsTM2YC
3/31/2014Captain Jack Sparrow - The Song of the Brethren CourtTM2YC
9/18/2013Captain Jack Sparrow - The Heart of Davy JonesTM2YC
5/1/2015Kill Bill - The Uncut Japanese VersionTM2YC
3/12/2017John Wick: Point Blank CutTM2YC
11/17/2013Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1949 Love HappyTM2YC
7/30/2013Danny Cannon's Judge DreddTM2YC
1/18/2015Heaven's Gate: The 2nd Director's CutTM2YC
3/7/2017Star Trek: VengeanceTM2YC
6/5/2014Thor - The Dark World (Hard Forged Edition)TM2YC
9/11/2014Brothers Grimm - The Fairytale WorkprintTM2YC
6/24/2015A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Volumes 1 & 2TM2YC
3/7/2017Ghostbusters IIITM2YC
8/4/2014Heaven's Gate: The Butcher CutTM2YC
8/27/2013From Hell - Engraved in StoneTM2YC
7/30/2013Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith: RebornTM2YC
10/4/2014Marx Brothers: Swordfish Collection - 1946 A Night In CasablancaTM2YC
11/4/2013Orson Welles and ITM2YC
9/1/2014Hamlet 2: Mr. Marschz's OpusTM2YC
10/22/2013Thick Of It: Full Disclosure (Part Two)TM2YC
8/19/2013Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Covenant EditionTM2YC
11/9/2014Drive - Radio 1 Rescore (Preservation)TM2YC
8/19/2013Thick Of It: Full Disclosure (Part One)TM2YC
2/22/2013Friday the 13th: The TM EditTM Productions
3/5/2014Chainsaw DevilTM Productions
6/5/2013Dream ManiacsTM Productions
12/23/201410 Hours in the Life of Renee WalkerTMBTM
3/12/2014War Of The StarsTMBTM
3/7/2017LV 426TMBTM
11/7/2013Judas Breed, TheTMBTM
7/4/2016Underworld TemptationTMBTM
6/28/2014JAWS The Sharksploitation EditTMBTM
7/4/2016Star Wars: Silent Dusty EditionTMBTM
7/4/2016Man of WarTMBTM
11/7/2013Ugly West, TheTMBTM - CBB
7/2/2017Underworld Temptation: RemasteredTMBTM - Mukankakuna
7/6/2017Star Wars Episode I-III : The Rule of Two (Tokyotaitai Fan Edit)tokyotaitai
12/15/2013Superman ReturnedTomahawk
9/21/2013Incredible Hulk - Tomahawk Extended EditionTomahawk
2/22/2013Thing, The (2011) The Toon-Thing EditToon-Thing
7/4/2016Tranzor’s Dawn of the Dead 2004Tranzor
7/4/2016Tranzor’s The Thing – Late Night TV EditTranzor
7/4/2016WTTV Channel 1 New York Presents the ProwlerTranzor
7/4/2016Twilight Zone, The: Planet of the Apes CollectiveTranzor
7/4/2016Happy Valentines DayTranzor
7/4/2016Escape From New York ExtendedTranzor
7/4/2016Dead Heat: The Norwegian CompositeTranzor
7/4/2016Mad Max: Get To The Point EditTranzor
7/4/2016Sheriff John Quincy Wydell: Devil HunterTranzor
7/4/2016Just Before Dawn: Ultimate Extended CompositeTranzor
9/18/2013Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - SanitizedTV's Frink
2/16/2016Star Wars - TV's Frink The Prequel Cut ListTV's Frink
5/13/2014Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Ridiculous MenaceTV's Frink
6/7/2014Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the RidiculousnessTV's Frink
2/22/2013Die Hard 4Uncanny Antman
7/7/2014Transformers (UA Edit)Uncanny Antman
10/25/2014Daredevil - The Man Without FearUncanny Antman
10/5/2016Terminator 3: The Coming StormUncanny Antman
2/22/2013Anchorman Whammy EditionUncanny Antman
2/22/2013Batman Consecution: The True Fanedit ChroniclesVariousOFFLINE
2/22/2013Zombie Consecution: The True Fanedit ChroniclesVarious
2/22/2013Chase ConsecutionVarious
2/22/2013Consecution Six - Shut Up!VariousOFFLINE
10/5/2016Love ConsecutionVarious
2/22/2013Space ConsecutionVarious
10/22/2013Marvel ConsecutionVarious
1/28/2014Cops ConsecutionVarious
10/26/2014Time Travel ConsecutionVarious
2/22/2013Fifth Element, The - Prime Evil Edition Voodl
10/26/2013Godzilla: ZillaWhite43
10/26/2013Samantha DarkoWhite43
10/26/2013Independence Day RedeclaredWhite43
7/13/2014Things, TheWraith
7/10/2014Dr. Jones and the Skull Kingdom MysteryWraith
2/22/2013Burlesque – The Sunset Strip EditWraith
2/22/2013Dreamgirls – The Broadway EditionWraith
7/11/2014Matrix Revolutions Reloaded, TheWraith
7/4/2016Alien 3 – The Re-Assembly CutXeno_Alpha_07
5/5/2013Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - The Dan EditYads
2/11/2014Fight Club – The "I am Jack’s laryngitis” Edit Zach Action