How do I submit a fanedit, and why do I need to register to do it?
Visit the Fanedit Submissions & Contact page.

What is the preferred container (DLC, NZB, or torrent) for submissions?
While torrents are easiest and cheapest to work with they are also the quickest to go offline. NZB is slightly more complicated, but their retention is the longest at a minimum of 3 years. Their free services are slow and limit what you can download, but a premium account is quite affordable (bulk bandwidth or monthly fee). DLC is a good middle ground but their free service is slow and their premium accounts require a monthly fee. They are also notorious for removing fanedits without notice.

That said we prefer NZB as it is the most secure and edits stay up the longest. DLC would be second followed by torrent.

An edit is password protected! How do I open it?
Try “fanedit.org” or “fanedited.com”.

How can I contact an editor?
Many of the editors have accounts at fanedit.org and originaltrilogy.com. Visit one of those sites and try sending them a private message there.

An edit is offline! How can I report it so it can be removed and/or replaced?
Visit the Fanedit Submissions & Contact page.

A fanedit exists, but Fanedit.info doesn’t have it listed. Is there a way I can request it be added?
Visit the Fanedit Submissions & Contact page.

Are fanedit.info and fanedit.org connected?
No. While the sites share similar names there is no affiliation. The sites are run by different people, in different countries on different servers. The only thing we share is a passion for fanedits.

How do I contact the person who runs this site?
Visit the Fanedit Submissions & Contact page.