Fanedit Submissions & Contact

To have a listing on the site,  please follow the below guidelines. Failure to read and adhere to all instructions below may cause delays or unintended deletion of existing files.

  • Attach a DLC or NZB to an email using the e-mail address below
  • Include the name of the fanedit as well as the faneditor name.
  • Do NOT attach an archived file such as ZIP, RAR, etc. as it will be unopened and deleted.
  • Do Not supply hyperlinks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are updating an existing listing, please indicate if the new file replaces EVERYTHING, or if it replaces just one dlc within the downloadable rar file. If you do not specify to keep other dlc’s in the rar, it simply be replaced with the new one only.

If a DLC or NZB no longer works please let us know using the e-mail address below. Tell us the fanedit, faneditor and the specific file(s) that are no longer working. DO NOT send rar files as examples.

admin [@] fanedit [.] info