What is Fanedit.info?
This site provides a means to download fanedits. While we don’t host fanedits themselves, we do store DLC, NZB and torrent files for users to easily download edits from other sources. Fanedits are posted by the faneditor and Fanedit.info takes no responsibility for their availability.

How do I download a fanedit using a DLC file?
A DLC file is a container for links from various file hosting services such as Rapidshare, Mega, MediaFire, etc. To open a DLC file you need jDownloader (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) or CryptLoad (available for Windows). Both are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Both programs can be easily configured to use your premium accounts but also work for free users.

Premium vs Free: Most of these services greatly restrict their free users. It is not uncommon for edits to take days, if not weeks, to download due to speed restrictions, queues and other limitations. Becoming a premium member greatly enhances your experience but it will cost you a monthly fee.

What is an NZB file?
An NZB file is a container for links to usenet newsgroups. To open it you need SABznbd or Binreader and a premium or free usenet account (NewsDemon, GigaNews, etc.).

Premium vs Free: With usenet everyone has to register for an account regardless if you become a premium member or not. Like hosting services free accounts have a bandwidth cap. The other big restriction is access to older uploads. With a free account you’re usually limited to files submitted within the last 15-30 days. These restrictions are not in place for premium members. And while premium member does cost money, you’re not limited to a monthly fee. Many usenet providers also offer bulk bandwidth packages for as little as $2 per 10GB.